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Principal Designer Role

As Principal Designer Role we will provide

Advice and assistance to you, the client

When acting as Principal Designer Role, we will advise and assist the client on undertaking the measures the client needs to take to comply with Principal Designer Role.

This includes advising and assisting the client on the:

  • assessment of designer and contractor competence
  • adequacy of client management arrangements for the project and the management arrangements of contractors;
  • maintenance and review of such arrangements throughout the project;
  • adequacy of the principal contractor construction phase plan; and
  • adequacy of the welfare facilities.

Co-ordination and Co-operation

As Principal Designer Role we will ensure arrangements are made and implemented for the co-ordination of health and safety measures during planning and preparation for the construction phase.
These will include facilitating:

  • co-operation and co-ordination between the project team; and
  • application of the general principles of prevention by all involved

Pre construction information

As Principal Designer Role we will take steps to identify and collect the pre-construction information  (PCI). PCI consists of all the information which is relevant to the health and safety of those engaged in, affected by the work or using the structure as a future workplace.

The relevant parts must be promptly provided, in a convenient form, to every:

  • person designing the structure;
  • the principal contractor; and
  • any other contractor who has or may be appointed by the client.

Designer compliance

As co-ordinator we will take all reasonable steps to ensure that designers comply with their Principal Designer Role duties.
In particular we will make sure that designers have in place arrangements to  avoid foreseeable risk in preparing designs, including arrangements for:

  • eliminating hazards giving rise to risks;
  • reducing risk from any remaining hazards; and
  • providing information on residual risks.
  • Preparation of the health and safety file.